Volunteer at the Syracuse Irish Festival

The Syracuse Irish Festival is a 100% volunteer organization and we can’t do it without you. You are the ambassadors who reach out to and assist thousands of audience members. Volunteering is also an opportunity to meet new people and share your common interests.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Set-up Crew: Volunteers set up festival signs and banners. Volunteers assist in setting up tables, chairs, tents and volunteer stations. We may use ladders and this may include climbing on scaffolding, tables and chairs. This job is essential to the festival and we could always use a few lads or lassies to help us out.

Breakdown Crew: Volunteers help take down the festival. This includes folding chairs, tables, taking down signs and banners, another essential aspect to the festival.

Festival Merchandise Sales and Information Booth: Assist with the sale of artist CD’s, festival t-shirts, hats and more. This station also provides information to the general public including performance times, restroom locations, transportation options, directions, parking, etc.

Stage Crew: A good, but long gig. Assist stage manager in the loading and unloading of artist gear from cargo van to stage.

Sponsor Area: Assist in the service of beverages and food to Sponsor’s. Also help to maintain area and keep it tidy.

Volunteer Assistants: This position acts as a floater during the festival. They keep Volunteer Area coolers filled with bottled water and ice. They relieve other volunteers for breaks and are available for general purposes.

Questions? Contact Vince Christian for more information.

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FRI 12:00-4:00p (Setup)FRI 4:00-8:00pFRI 7:30-11:30pSAT 8:00-9:30a (Irish Language Mass)SAT 11:00-2:30pSAT 2:00-5:30pSAT 5:00-8:30pSAT 8:00-11:30pSAT 11:00p-12:00a (Breakdown)


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